Thursday, 14 January 2010


Our Playful Learning stand at the world biggest learning technology show (eMAP's BETT show)was rammed with people throughout the first two days - a mixture of children from Lampton School (who had a really clear understanding of the role of play in learning and would bend any passing adults ear to show and tell why) and presentations about playfulness in learning by our stand sponsors: Google, YouTube, 2Simple software, MangaHigh and Satmap all added up to a lot of activity and visitors from all round the world.

I think everyone remembers, or already knew, how important play is in learning, but it took the children to show and remind them how easily technology can re-inject play back into important classroom tasks without being a distraction. In the end, engagement is a key variable in performance isn't it?


John Connell said...

And is that Mr Play Ethic himself, Pat Kane, sitting at your feet in the front, Stephen? :)

Toby Adams said...

Some fantastic sessions delivered. Thank you for taking the time to allow my students to interview you, you can see the fruits of their three days labour on their dedicated youtube playlist here:

Looking forward to next year!