Friday, 4 September 2009

Seat of learning

As regulars of this phone blpog will know, I'm a bit obsessed by school seating - and how poor it often is. Chairs designed to stack well are not always good for learning... (no surprise there then).

Today, working with the excellent staff of schools in the Upper Shirley area (outside Southampton) who are really going somewhere together, there was a a moment where over lunch everyone tried to get the 'standard' chairs to work for their informal chats and discussions. As you see in this picture people there were twisted on chairs, moving chairs, half on chairs... and you get to see just how bad the standard school chair is for collaboration and indeed for learning.

As schools move into and through BSF or other rebuilds we seem to keep on coming back to the whole issue of furniture and its design. This is a HUGE opportunity for a business somewhere. Where are they?


Philip Male said...

Can't thank you enough for today's was simply inspirational! I am also very glad you caught me in the act of stuffing my face for the photo!

Deon said...

Hi Stephen

Do you have a recommended type of chair for cLassrooms?

Have you seen the reversible ones (designed so you can sit comfortably with backrest in front)? Sorry, I can't find an image on the web right now!

But you may be interested in this:

There is a brilliant multi purpose chair/table in there. Will post a direct link in another post.


Deon said...

for some reason, it won't let me post an image directly. Here is the link to the image (from the site)

click here