Monday, 31 August 2009

Jolly jellyfish

Hmmm. It is amazing how tiny temperature changes are seen so quickly in flora and fauna. Around our coasts global warming is having an impact and East coast fish are now including species that we commonly only ever saw on the South coast. Jellyfish are a very visible and real reminder of the fact that the water is, simply, warmer.

Here passing through a marina in our annual August of racing the little 4 ringed common Moon Jellyfish (aurelia aurita) is in evidence everywhere - a denser population in the marina than I can ever remember. Not good....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mount Gay party, Cowes Week 09

Not the most useful photo, but a few hundred red hats and a lot of rum
inside seems to beat the rain outside in this hectic week of sailing
on the Solent.

And a great band; cue debate about live music matters.. And how
education doesn't really make enough of it's huge number of live events.

Now, where's my rum...