Friday, 17 April 2009


Working on the boat with some very smart and thoughtful students from King Edward VI College in Nuneaton who are busy researching learning experiences (lessons, lectures etc) to see how they might be made more effective (more compelling, etc) ... before taking their research back to universities to suggest how their teaching might be improved too.

I really like the idea of presenting universities with research about learning - and exploring their responses - don't you?

Anyway, since we were meeting on the boat when we broke for lunch we headed for the Pizza Dock (2nd floor on the Dickens Inn at the St Katherine Docks) where as you can see in this picture the researchers were really quite hungry! All the pizza went...

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paulhoau said...

I remember those pizza's - well not those particular ones. If the student research gets written up, I'd love to see it. Not enough opportunity given for student input into learning experience design.