Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oo what a whopper!

Not sure which of many images to offer from Gainesville in Florida - home to the huge Florida University where I am currently involved with building a new 21st century lab school in the heart of the uni. , which is America's 3rd largest and set on a tranquil leafy campus.

I'm staying in a charming and photogenic olde cottage, even if I am armed only with the iPhone's camera. However, popping out for a meal I was a bit amazed (= gobsmacked) to see this planet guzzling beastie parked in town, with a stretched Hummer parked behind and fully dwarfed by it. I suppose it shows that some things change quickly, others take a bit more time. The ghost of George Bush's USA is not completely erased, quite yet.

On the other hand the folk here are wonderfully keen to make their school make a real difference. Many of you will know that I argue only that people should be properly ambitious for their learners. Here, folk ARE ambitious; the ones I am with are pretty embarrased about the monster limo-truck too.

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