Saturday, 7 February 2009

Clock This

Wonderful evening at the BAFTA Nominees' Party, which was generously hosted by Aspreys in London Bond Street. Very glam!

Amongst a sea of movie stars (sorry, takimg pictures would have been intrusive - everyone deserves some privacy) the Asprey jewels, clocks, antiques and first edition books (Pooh! Beatrix Potter!!) shone out. The place is literally a treasure trove.

This 21st century grandfather clock was astonishing - by the way, Mickey Rourke (nominated for his tour de force in Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler") is standing right behind me at this point; he was also upstairs and interested in clocks - but looking wonderfully decadent (in his slippers!!). Nice bloke.

There was something quite reaffirming about seeing the community that represent the captivating craft of cinema exploring and enjoying the craft of hand made jewellery (Asprey's workshops are up on the roof) - and all coming together to appreciate each other's skill and creativity. Wherever 21st century learning takes us, being good at stuff still really matters, (mercifully)

Fab evening.

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