Monday, 9 February 2009

BAFTA bash

Once again a walk along the red carpet leads to this year's BAFTA Awards for cinema - this is partner Carole walking ahead of me - and it was noticeable this year how restrained the fashions were - we are clearly in the midst of a very significant depression (see previous centuries!).

As cinema has built huge barriers to entry of new competition through vast budgets and bloated marketing it has somehow also isolated itself from originality and creativity with the result being a host of remakes almost always worse than the original, badly interpreted books, and dismal sequel / prequels (the recent awful Steve Martin Inspector Clousseau being surely a millenium-long low?). So it was a relief to see some really unexpectedly good films in the frame for awards this year. Just as music seems to have rediscovered talent through live performance, so maybe cinema is recovering its values from the accountants too? Watch out for the rediscovery of theatre next...

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