Saturday, 17 January 2009

Learning elsewhere

I was rather pleased with our stand at the heart of BETT this year - the focus was Learning Elsewhere and the stand was in two halves: a grassy "outdoor" half with astroturf and fresh real flowers and an "indoor" half with wood floor and surfaces. Each day a school, from "elsewhere" beamed in on Skype or iChat (interesting how much better iChat was by the way) and the stand guests and daily school's students all chatted about life and learning in China, the US, the Caribbean and so on.

The students were (of course) unfazed by all this and chatted, as ever, so comfortably, but the stand was packed for these sessions. BETT is prefaced by an event that something like three quarters of the world's population are represented at by their ministers of education - it is all becoming very global and exciting.

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