Thursday, 4 December 2008

Digital divide

Proud dad takes photo of one of the many delightful details on his eldest daughter's classroom wall.

People wonder sometimes about a digital divide - personally I applaud the accessibility that technology has brought, together with the spectacularly lower costs in many cases, BUT I do worry about the widening gap between what you might describe as the educational fundamentalists who ban and bar everything (no YouTube, no phones, no social networking, precious little joy...) and those rapidly increasing numbers of 21st century schools who have embraced the new opportunities that ICT have brought us all in learning.

The worry is that the gap between enlightenment - as exemplified here - and educational fundamentalism is in danger of getting to be too big to bridge soon. And that is a very real digital divide. What will we do with those "ban 'em and bar 'em" schools, with their cells and bells, then?...


DK said...

We did a post on what we call 'the hidden digital divide' -

"...the hidden digital divide which focusses on the lack of experience social media and technology creates by virtue of it being ever changing and progressive. Institutionally hard to remedy although easy to tackle one-on-one."

Similar stuff - I guess that's what we do what we do my friend... to try and attempt to build those bridges and shorten those gaps!


MediaSnackers Founder

Anonymous said...

Yep ofetn wondered this myself.

You dont jump the 40 foot(and exponentially growng)digital chasm in 2 20 foot leaps, rather messy outcomes will eventuate if you try that trick.

What it has done is forced often monolithic systems/govts/beaurocracies/individuals to react a tad more dynamically these last 5 years.

The fundamentalists you speak of will be quickly marginalised and irrelevant if they don't adapt. Darwin was right. They are adding internal acidic solvent to their own demise by being the ancient gatekeepers and many don't even know it.Sad.

Sit down, shut up and hang on for the ride, its going to get a lot bumpier yet.Bring it on.