Wednesday, 19 November 2008

One size can't EVER fit all

Can it? ...and that is nowhere more obvious than in Thailand where so many ride these little Honda motor bikes but where seemingly everyone, like the taxis and tuk-tuks, are individually "interpreted". This is a custom shop and the bike in the foreground is the current epitomy of cool: colour-anodised suspension parts, trick panels (with lightweight cut-outs) and these very slim rims and "racing" tyres (think Chris Hoy more than Moto GP). Vast flocks of little motorbikes, all completely individual... wonderful to see.

How anyone could see all this and still think that a one-size-fits-all school or education system would ever engage anyone beggars belief - this is not a criticism of Thai schools, by the way, but of that whole factory model of learning that characterised education in most countries in the last century and has surely no place at all in this one.

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