Thursday, 6 November 2008

Learning about learning

I was visiting Teddington School (see also below) in the company of a film crew and Peter Cowley who for a good time was based in the pioneering Ingenium at Greycourt School (see also two girls talking about learning in that futuristic space from our annual Be Very Afraid event at BAFTA). Teddington had created this excellent Technology Pilot space - their own test Classroom of Tomorrow in advance of their planned exciting new school buildings. This really does work in many schools - a place to try teaching in a robustly 21st century way.

Teddington's space in particular has interesting furniture - with stand-and-type height surfaces which the children like a lot (as in many workplaces too these days). My only small suggestion to them was to mirror the wall so that the faces of children sitting towards it can be seen, along with their various screens. Cheap mirrors transform pedagogy in tech rich environments. Peter was on very good form, as was assistant head teacher Kevin Watling (pictured). I await the film with interest!

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