Thursday, 16 October 2008

In limbo

I'm a big fan of the Wellcome Trust and this week I visited their building in Euston Road, London to chat about some very interesting games research we will be sharing with them at CEMP in Bournemouth Uni. But while there we had a chance to visit the newly refurbished exhibition of science and art which is (as you see) a combination of installation and inspiration.

It was reaffirming to see it filled with both art and science enthusiasts - I spared you some of the more memorable exhibits - a torture chair, or the raunchy ones (you must go and look for yourself...), but the whole way the display space was able to 'stage' its exhibits reminded me of why agility in design matters so much - for schools too.

Wellcome do so much doe the public understanding of science.. Euston Road now has a new treasure to help that along.

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