Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hi tech! 2

And here is another problem. High Tech High was just that back in 2000 but as you see here what was generous resourcing then is old-tech now. Make no mistake the children here are thriving - creative collaborative work all over every floor! But this picture in indicative - a row of old unloved computers facing the wall (facing the wall! that was a punishment once and still is, so you see a lot less of this in schools today) while the kids get on with great work with pens and paper on the floor.

Although there is a lot of tech in their projects - robots, design & technology etc etc the school was less high tech than anything I've seen for ages and you wonder how much better yet it would be if some of the e-gregarious, presentation pro, phone-toting, web savvy, wired global learners that the front running schools seem to have engendered were let loose on that wonderful curriculum that High Tech High has. I asked our guide which 21st century schools worldwide he had seen or been impressed with; he hadn't looked at any at all. As we rush towards global learning we have all got to look really thoughtfully at each others' ideas worldwide. It all really shows that with the pace of change in learning noone can afford to rest on their laurels, can we?

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