Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fish N Ships

San Diego is still an active - and substantial - port. I am here for a large and hugely enjoyable CEFPI conference of school facilities planners and architects.

Cue very considerable debate about the scale, shape and nature of 21st century schools against a backdrop of Palin vs Obama.

With a host of overseas countries here there were many examples showing that the most ambitious schools, regardless of circumstances are galloping way ahead of policy and showing remarkable learning gains - engagement is the key of course.

Luckily my good friends and colleagues from our work together in the Cayman Isles are here - and we took a moment out for these fish and chips by the ships - we have lots to chat about, the progress out there is really something..

I did the opening CEFPI keynote and the closing address - given the imagination and engagement of the 1,000 or so folk here, education in the US, post election, will be VERY interesting to watch - a real sense of arriving at a crossroads. By the way, $750bn divided by their 130,000 or so schools = a big number. I wonder if bailing out banks or using those dollars to transform schools would be the better investment?

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