Friday, 12 September 2008

Almost perfect...

I drive a quirky German car. I'm very fond of it - the engineering is astonishing and they have thought of everything... almost. Driving from Dover to Norwich last night the rear tyre punctured. Opening the bonnet (it's rear engined) I found literally everything I needed, all laid out in the right order to use - gleaming tools, even latex gloves and a mysterious polythene sheet. So, I extracted the tiny emergency wheel with its "pleated" tyre (there's no room for a real spare - not much room for anyting to be honest), plugged in the electric inflator, with instructions printed on it, and blew up the tyre which grew rapidly in diameter - magic! I opened the tool roll, took out the (lightweight!!) aluminium jack and changed the wheel. Perfect.

Apart from... I now have one enormous rear wheel (the tyres are rather wide) and it won't go in any of the storage space. Cue mysterious polythene sheet which I now realise is designed to go on the passenger seat - where you have to put the wheel. Brilliant - they thought of everything... but where do you put the passenger? In a taxi..

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Anonymous said...

most Porsche drivers can afford to leave the flat one behind ... (I am joking, the passenger can hitch...)