Tuesday, 12 August 2008

On reflection... why?

Going on from Cowes Week to Ramsgate Week, but stuck in Dover Marina - pinned here by a vast and unseasonable gale - we went for a bit of a wander around and came across this extraordinary boat round the back of the Volvo Penta shop (who had run out of oil). The whole boat is... well you can see - it's covered in mirror tiles. Now I vaguely remember reading about this - it was (I vaguely recall) someone's art installation (cue research) but it is an amazing sight to stumble across in a boat park.

And anyway, what else can we do while we wait for the gales to subside?

This post may go a bit wrong - I'm juggling between the old faithful Sony Ericsson and the new iPhone (which is a LOT better than the old one - 3G at last) - so this got snapped on someone else's phone (thankyou David) and bounced around a bit first.

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