Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Had we but world enough and time...

Stuck here in Dover on the way between Cowes Week and Ramsgate Week - pinned down by 50 knot plus gales (and first race is tomorrow) we
spent a couple of days on some enjoyably tough Maths puzzles but have now fallen to PlayDoh modelling (these are Shortie's attempts).

Thank goodness for iPhones to help pass the time...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

On reflection... why?

Going on from Cowes Week to Ramsgate Week, but stuck in Dover Marina - pinned here by a vast and unseasonable gale - we went for a bit of a wander around and came across this extraordinary boat round the back of the Volvo Penta shop (who had run out of oil). The whole boat is... well you can see - it's covered in mirror tiles. Now I vaguely remember reading about this - it was (I vaguely recall) someone's art installation (cue research) but it is an amazing sight to stumble across in a boat park.

And anyway, what else can we do while we wait for the gales to subside?

This post may go a bit wrong - I'm juggling between the old faithful Sony Ericsson and the new iPhone (which is a LOT better than the old one - 3G at last) - so this got snapped on someone else's phone (thankyou David) and bounced around a bit first.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

A lot of boats

Well, it is the biggest Regatta in the world and there are a LOT of boats and sailors. But being able to walk right across the marina from boat to boat is still pretty amazing. Some 1,000 boats take quite a bit of parking. . . The racing is good too.