Tuesday, 8 July 2008

iTouch research project

Last night I was up in Melton Mowbray for a hugely enjoyable evening with a very sharp group of school students who had been exploring learning life with an iPod Touch each. We had dinner and they presented their wise thoughts about the little gadgets - last time we had eaten together was after a day working on Cracker at the St Katherine Docks (see below). The project was sponsored by BECTA. With organising teacher Max Buczynski moving on it felt like the end of something - but he had noticed that it was George's birthday and a HUGE cake duly arrived. In all quite a final celebration.

A key finding from their comments - they also had detail criticisms of things like not having brodband at home being a big problem - was that they really enjoyed having a "little computer in my pocket". Also, almost all their survey work questioning other students in other schools was done via social networking and chat environments - they largely saw email as simply something for older or business people.

Don't doubt the significance of both those for ICT in learning.

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