Tuesday, 22 July 2008

But is it Art?

Another busy day. . . started at the BBC's Bush House with an interview about 21st century learning for their World Service (agility, ingenuity et al). Then on to Tate Modern to lead a hugely enjoyable half day on the Art of Learning (cue debate: would Picasso or Matisse (and why doesn't my phone's spelling checker know these two?) have passed their GCSEs in Art) then walk West along the Thames before crossing over to the RSA for a hot debate tonight on Can Children Research and some nice Royal Society sandwiches and nibbles.

On the way I pass a chap doing a very short lived (until high tide) installation art work of huge sofas, in sand, on the newly sandy beach at low water on the South Bank.

Art, Learning, Fun, Debate. Sun.
Sometimes London is simply a wonderful city.

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