Saturday, 21 June 2008

Blue below: into the deep

. . . and with the water this clear you just HAVE to go down into the depths tosee the coral and conch and fish - but where where it is STILL a beautiful blue.

This was a morning off after a busy week. Yesterday I visited four fascinating primary schools (with a real sense of moving learning forward) and was particularly excited to find one offering Sailing in its curriculum - in this case through the local sailing club.

The whole bottom-up teaching and learning transformation is really gathering race here and the focussed attention of a lot of policy makers worldwide is a nice if daunting result. Last night's Chamber of Commerce initiated Golden Apple awards for great teaching showed how both young and old are making a difference here. One of the youngest award winners made a quite remarkably impassioned speech,of the cuff, about why teaching matters - especially in his special school.

It's not just the water and sky that are blue here: this country really is the bluest of blueprints for 21st century learning. . .

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Anonymous said...

Nice trip/work Steve...keep us posted...
Offer to all new schools - no a nice add on (when we are done next year)!