Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Learning, yearning

Learning Elsewhere:

Spending a few blissful days with baby Amelie is is hard not to be in awe of the drive babies have to learn (and walk!). Eyes are everywhere, curiousity dominates and play is so, so, so important.

At this stage - she is less that a year old - the learning gains are there almost daily. It really does make you wonder how well we could learn later if we kept the pace up.

In all my years working with new learning environments, the one thing that still amazes me is how far and fast learners can go, at any age, when the conditions are right. I can say for certain is that we really don't know how good our children might be (in every project they always outperform my most optimistic expectations), but for certain it is a lot better than we currently expect, or allow, them to be.

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Anonymous said...

wow, and Amelie is one of the next gen- with a web profile from day one! cool (n a little bit scarey ;o)