Monday, 19 May 2008

It ain't easy!

And just to remind you how hard it is to learn to walk - even when driven by going to look at a seagull, dog, or ice cream shop... here is baby Amelie learning about balance.

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Ewan McIntosh said...

If I remember correctly Amelie's about a month or two older than Catriona. The frustration at not being able to walk is sometimes (audibly) apparent, but it is this frustration that has got her crawling, throwing balls, dancing with her head and shoulders, hitting my drums (to tempo)... Funny how, in learning, when students get frustrated we're quick to label it and bring them 'down' to a suitable level. Teachers have the same - when using technology is frustrating we sometimes see people giving up or settling (for eternity) at the point just before the frustration kicked in.

Frustration is surely a key element of play, in fact, and therefore learning. How come no assessment policy ever mentions it ;-)