Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hang on.. there's a mountain in my hotel!

...and it has ski lifts inside, and black runs and tobogganing and aprés ski and.... flip! it's HUGE. And full of real snow. I wondered what it was when i looked out of my hotel room here, it just looked big and silver and like a road to nowhere.

and tomorrow I go skiing after meetings (it's open after dark cos it's INDOORS!) and i am in Dubai and the outside temperature is 57 degrees C. I love this place and the"can do" attitude here.

"Yes we can" Obama? Bob the Builder? Nope, it personifies Dubai. What great fun.


Unknown said...

That ski slope is so cool (joke not intentional). You can't really grasp the physical size of it unless you've actually seen it - incredible. Have you been to the indoor amusement arcade in the same complex? Great racing car simulator there :-)

Gareth Long said...

Don't crash gain though Stephen. We still need you to come back to Cayman!!