Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Sailing on down the Thames we passed through the Thames Barrage - and one of the HUGE gates was closed (you are not supposed to sail through the gates, so we put the spinnaker up afterwards to enjoy a good blast down river to Southend, then turn left for home, give or take the lethal Maplin Sands). Cracker seemed pleased to be back to her life as a raceboat again.

The barrage was built between 1974 and 1984 - quite an engineering feat! My friend Derek Clark was a diver on the job and I remember him saying he could only see his hand if he put it on the glass of his facemask! I think he prefers working on America's Cup boats these days!!


Alexander McMillan said...

Hey stephen I love the blog structure... I want to set up a blog at school for parents to text me using their phones which then appears as email as you did in your presentation.. ... I enjoyed your presentation in Eastbourne the other day... where did you set it up... ? Easy peasy?

Prof Stephen Heppell said...

Ah, thanks! The txt to web page or email is very useful. There are some shareware solutions, but all a bit flakey, so I use the company:


who supply the number and everything very affordably. The web page they give you also exports the txts into pdfs, or XML, or whatever. And it has been solid as a rock for me. Nice folk too.