Monday, 21 April 2008

A bit of geek. . .

. . . goes a long way.

Rummaging through a drawer I found this shirt from late 80's or early 90's from Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose. I was a regular attendee. It reminded me of the days when these very geeky events were often full of policy and research folk, as well as programmers and the like. All present could mostly write a bit of code and crucially could thus CONTROL their own technology. Then, you couldn't do policy with a bit of geek in your veins - because otherwise the future would keep surprising you.

These days the worry is that this useful little veneer of geekiness has all but vanished. Geeks go one way, policy folk go another and there is not enough dialogue (if any). Result? Sometimes a fractured relationship between policy and practice. I think this needs addressing. . .

AND I learned to juggle at WWDC! but I learned so much more too.

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Anonymous said...

Really resonates with me.

Teaching in smallish schools in rural Australia encourages the eclectic.

Reminiscent of aspirations to the Magister Ludi of the Glass Bead Game.

Celebrate your inner geek ;-)