Tuesday, 12 February 2008

United at United

What a curious pairing. Here is friend and collegue Prakash Nair - we are working on the new schools in the Cayman Isles amongst other things. Anyway, next to him is a case of Manchester United Caps - European Cup, league, etc etc. He is based in the US so thinks football is something else altogether.

So why are we here - there are no boats at all? Because we are in the Manchester United Museum at their football ground for a dinner - I'm in Manchester to chair and address the annual - and increasingly whopping - BSEC conference looking at new school building. And I'm doing a double act with Ty Goddard dishing out his organisation's Awards for best design and so on.

The conference goes from strength to strength and the discussion is very candid. Suddenly there are folk from all around the world interested in what is happening here with school building... can't wait till next year!

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