Friday, 8 February 2008

To bee or not to be

I can't begin to say how excited I am by this. 18 moths ago I was suggesting a Dublin wide festival of light with am emphasis on controlling light. And now here is that Festival after a LOT of hard work by the Science Gallery team. The Science gallery is at Trinity College, of course..

Anyone who doubts that Science and Art can coexist - and indeed feed from each other - need to be here and see the HUGE queues outside - the place is RAMMED with visitors, and to see the vast age range represented here - all with beaming faces. This festival is seducing people into science and art too.

Find it on-line while it is still open (it had to be extended) from: "" and maybe click on watch to see the youTube entries.

The exhibit I've photographed tracks bees s they learn to navigate artificial (but "nectar"-rich) blue flowerrs amongst white. Their paths improve as they learn and two cameras track them. You can literally SEE the learning. These paths are then laser cut into perspex cubes shown here. There are HUNDREDS queueing for this exhibit alone.

I don't often say this but I really feel So proud of this whole festival - other bits are around Dublin too. It is a joy.

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