Thursday, 14 February 2008

Public Service Sweden

On to Sweden for a BIG debate about the future of public service broadcasting - since this is what i advise the BBC on these days you can imagine I'm in favour. But how wise to have a national debate - all televised and webcast of course.

There are four of us presenting - up on stage ahead of me is Niklas Zennstrom (not sure how to get the two dots over the O in his name on my phone - even though it is an Ericsson!) who, after he frightened the life out of the music industry with KaZaA, went on to equally terrify the Telcos by creating Skype. And now he is busy with Joost with broadcasting and video distribution in his sights. Interesting conference! Flip!!

(is it the weekend yet? - I'm still catching up sleep from the BAFTAs)

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