Monday, 11 February 2008


Well, the fire didn't spread. So then, finally, it's on to the Party (I think the number of invites diminish at each stage - numbers go down anyway - maybe it's just stamina issues).

Sorry aobout the picture quality - yes, those are trees. I'm looking pretty ragged by now - which in this context means bow tie undone - but the stars manage to still look fabulous and some have even CHANGED! how on earth did did they do that (and indeed where!)!? Mind you, there is a full Lancome make-up team doing face repair pit stops in the loos and that must help. . .

Anyway the Party is doing fab cocktails so this photo is as blurred as what I a seeing.. I'm at the Open University tomorrow marking some of their geekier modules, so I really do need some sleep somewhere. Good night. zzz

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