Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ironic or what!

I will rotate the photo later - sorry

At the BBC this morning to talk on Radio 4 about the government's vision for children in their Children's Plan (less testing and over protection, more play etc). To my absolute delight, in the BBC's foyer, is a REAL Dalek which I am all over of course having been a huge fan since childhood. Obviously.

But I was a bit surprised to discover a HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNING on its gun! (to be precise the warning was about the strobe light). In the context of the Today Programme's Children's Plan topic this is rich irony indeed.

"Exterminate!!!" - but first, "do-you-have-a-risk-assessment-form, please earthling?..."

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Joe Nutt said...

Just a very quick note to applaud your comments re celebrity and learning this morning. So gratifying to hear learning used as a noun, and not a trite participle for once. Instead of waiting for some kind of governmental green light, schools and teachers should be in the vanguard challenging the wider cultural pressures you alluded to, head on.