Thursday, 1 November 2007

Yummy Touchy

Flip! iLove my iPod Touch. It is so slim - smaller than the iPhone - and has so much power. I've hacked mine (well, of course!) using the wonderful Jailbreak and some other geeky stuff so now it has a host of powerful applications - screensful of little icons in fact - and is well on the way to being a fully functioning little computer on its own.

Mine is currently having much fun running as a web server too (good old Apache!!) but it is the very sensitive and subtle motion detection that is so seductive. And using Remote Buddy I can even monitor the live video camera on my MacBook remotely over a wireless link - from anywhere! How cool is that! Very.

Listen, just go out and buy one. I've bought eleven so far (well, children, partners, etc etc) and they are all fab!!


Anonymous said...

OK – you have convinced me! Guess I am just a marketers dream!

Unknown said...

Yep... its on my xmas list! - my 1st generation iPod has just died so very timely :-)