Tuesday, 20 November 2007

On top of the world

A seminar / conference on top of the Telstra building in Melbourne gave me quite a view of the whole place - and it is a rather nice combination of European and Australian (i.e. decent coffee in friendly cafés) with some really interesting architecture.

The Telstra people, and their invited guests were smart and clearly very engaged in the whole potential of Telecoms in 21st century learning and I now hope to be running one of my Horizon Scanning events there next year some time.

But what a view! You can see the Yarra River (thanks for the correction anonymous reader) and the sea from here.


Anonymous said...

just to note the view from the telstra building is of the Yarra River, not the Murray

Anonymous said...

...and the State Library of Victoria is the building on the bottom right, with the dome!