Saturday, 17 November 2007

Manly Beach

I'm afraid this phoneblog could get pretty intolerable for a few days if you are in a Northern Hemisphere winter. Sorry.

Had a half day clear so took the early morning Manly Ferry to fab Manly Beach which even early on a Saturday is a mass of activity: beach volleyball, surfing, surf boats, kayaks, lifesaving etc most of which I have spared you - this is the lifesaving competition in quite lively surf.

Curiously Comms has been a problem here - mostly problems with port numbers I think - but the good old phone to blog never fails. The Australian federal election is being hard fought here - promises include one-laptop-per-pupil (but not teachers though!) and an overdue national broadband development.!


The Elementary School for Sustainable Design said...


Your internet presence is wonderfully chaotic. I'm told that my life is a sprawling non-linear agglomeration but I can say that now I sit at the sandy feet of the master of entropy.
Saw this as the only portal to contact you, so here goes. Just returned from Little Cayman. Now back in chilly Philly. Spent time at LCES. Did some rudimentary filming, which can be viewed on my education blog at: Have had ongoing conversations with Gareth Long. See many opportunities to collaborate in both Cayman and globally.

Peace and Love,
John Sole

Anonymous said...

Stephen, I was there just 4 weeks ago and the memory was alreday fading in the wind and rain of Scotland, so thank you for the reminder!