Friday, 9 November 2007

Flood alert

Oo er. A not huge tide at just 4.7 m (really high is approaching 6 m) on the East Coast, but coupled with a storm surge in the North Sea of maybe 2m or even 3m it produced the potential for some REALLY serious flooding. If the surge and the high tide coincided, then...

...but they didn't, quite (phew!) today, so although the tide never really went out (as fast as it went down, so the surge moved it up again) we didn't see life threatening floods - although some villages were evacuated and a few major roads (eg A12) were blocked. This is Brightlingsea, from the Colne Yacht Club, usually a fair way back from the water. Click to enlarge the phone-photo and look at the town jetty with the gangway to it going UPWARDS!. Oo er indeedy.

It is inevitable that one day the surge, a really big tide and time will all coincide. I'm just glad that today wasn't the day.

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