Thursday, 29 November 2007

Caymanian Navy?

Driving home at the end of a long day - looking out across the bay here in Georgetown on Grand Cayman and there is a very typical sight: Paul Allen's amazing private yacht Octopus is to the left - she is 127m long, has a permanent crew of 60, two helicopters, seven boats and a 10 man submarine. The submarine alone has the capacity to sleep eight for up to two weeks underwater. Read the brochure! Flip.

But in the bay this evening there is also a pirate ship (!), small fishing boats and a tender to the tourist submarine. VERY Caymanian! The three huge cruise liners here at lunchtime have gone, so the town is a bit quieter. Luckily they hadn't sold out of Rum Cake, so i bought some. Mmmm...

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Anonymous said...

What's happened to the new "in Character" theme? Dick Van Dyke yesterday, where is Captain Jack Sparrow today?