Monday, 8 October 2007


Kentish Town has the longest escalator on the London Underground (in fact, in Western Europe apparently!) and it IS whopping although a mere babe compared to Hong Kong's mile long one (yes! MILE long) that starts at Queen's Road Central. By the way, I like the way when you travel on the HK one you can swipe your Octopus card on the way and it CREDITS your for not using the underground at busy time periods!!

But while we are on Underground trivia which tube station/s use all 5 vowels aeiou?
See comments to this posting for the (two) possible answers.


Anonymous said...

Answer: South Ealing

Shirley Pickford said...

I reckon with a bit of creativity in the face of frustration all vowels could be used about any ***** London tube station, plus a few exclamation marks.

Anonymous said...

Mansion House is the other one. Made me look at the map for ages!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Angel Station has the longest escalator.