Monday, 24 September 2007

Slow slow slower

Up at 5 to dash to Bournemouth University, home of much fab media work. But as you see, although my trusty car Polly can do 172 mph (not on public roads obviously - but fun on tracks) on this particular morning we are stuck for about 3 hours (so far) doing no mph at all. But at least I can phone-blog while we wait!

Often when abroad people ask me about the M25 which is fabled for its jams (best joke is that, since it is a circular road, it is the car behind that is holding you up!!). Well, the news it that it IS this bad. zzzzzz

I tried to pass the time calculating the carbon footprint of a 3 hour 7 mile 4 lane jam all with engines running but the number was so big that I fear my maths must be wrong. I hope.

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