Monday, 3 September 2007

Size matters (2)

Back to working properly today - it's September now - and it's time I finished my (slightly overdue) Guardian column "Back and Forth" which this time has a hand-held technology theme. So I toddled up to the attic and dug out my first mobile phone - this is it (!) - and it weighed a ton.

A good freind at the UK's education policy department (currently named Department for Children, Schools and Families) reminded me the other day that it is now 20 since I plonked a "mobile" phone down on his desk and commented that a significant part of learning's future was right there...

As you see, the technology has come on a fair bit since, but I'm not sure to be honest that policy has - schools are still, in many cases, confiscating them!!

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Unknown said...

How things have changed! I used to have a 'radiation king' too several yesrs back.. phone have got ridculously small/ cheap these days! Where will it end.. almost fell off my chair when I stumboled accross dotmobiles student mobile phone deals sooo cheap!