Thursday, 23 August 2007

Hurricane season?

After a week's classic boat racing up on the East Coast in our 1939 Brightlingsea One Design we returned to Cowes to sail Cracker back home only to be trapped by some really horrid gales and rain - and this was in August!
Moored (if that is the word in gales like these) in Shepards Wharf on the Medina we looke across to Don's boat on the pontoon outside ours - his Iolare at 103 years old was struggling with huge standing waves - this isn't the best image - the boat was porpoising, but so was the pontoon so I had a bit of trouble getting near enough!!. But just ciount the bow ropes he had to rig to try to hold her down...

A couple of boats rank on their moorings during this storm - and we were quite pleased that we didn't get away - the gale in Dover (on our route home) registered 50 knots!! Some summer.

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