Saturday, 25 August 2007

Fog. . .

I really do hate sailing in fog although in the summer it usually means a lovely day later. It has almost gone here - blue sky above already.

It is the way that things appear so suddenly: buoys, rocks, ships, Kraken. . . or in this case a helicopter. Fog masks sounds so that a buoy appearing with its bell clanging is very sudden - despite the boat bristling with electronics so that there are really no surprises, the effect is always a bit scary - esp on our UK East coast where the buoys often have sound chambers operated by waves which sound very spooky - "whooooaaaooo".

Luckily this fog bank cleared before we crossed Dover with all those fast ferries (and they are REALLY fast. The rest of the day was sun, wind and a fair sail home (at last!) from Eastbourne to Bightlingsea

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