Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stop! But how?

All the waterside restaurants (seen along the opposite bank in this phonepicture) at Singapore's Boat Quay employ rather assertive touts to encourage you to dine. They don't work because their assertiveness frighten everyone away, me included. A national debate ensues.

Research shows that only 1 of every 13 approached actually paused, and a lot less than that finally dine. Everyone has the same "touting" regime even though it fails. People, including precious tourists, are now going elsewhere. Better alternatives have sprung up. But the cafes still do it because everyone else does it, wrong or not. Meanwhile the business goes downhill, seats are empty. Recognise any parallel with school design?

I fl;y back from Singapore tonight - to go to the Cayman Isles, of whom I am very fond (they are doing wonderful things, from new school designs onwards, in education) - that's further than Sydney to London!! and no fish n chips on board either, even in the posh seats.

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