Monday, 23 July 2007

Singapore school orchestra

In Singapore to do the closing Keynote for a big Pacific Rim conference on Future Learning design. At the conference dinner (yum) the Chinese instrument orchestra from Victoria School played - wonderfully. As they played I reflected that schools all have the blueprint for mixed age, project based, ambitious, collaborative, not-time-limited, start early finish late, learning - it is right there in their orchestras, sports teams, drama clubs and so on. And you only had to look at this orchestra to see how engaging it can be, and how good. This instrument is played with drum sticks, by the way...

Singapore really does understand ingenuity, ambition, globality, hard work, community and team spirit. Their movement to take the curriculum "beyond Content" started 10 years ago (coincedentally when I was here with the early digital-video-in-learning work that became Edu-Quest). And EVERY learner has an overseas experience as part of EACH phase of their learning.

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