Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Fish n chips in Miami

...and as you see the chaps here have not quite got the hang of it. No chips! But on the other hand lots of lemons. Must be a new world healthy version? Or maybe not - i didn't risk the luminous sauces.

I'm sitting here nibbling the above in a South Beach marina and looking out on the boats (no surprise there then). Nearest to me is a smallish fishing boat but with three whopping 300hp engines (3 of them!!!) so either the fish here are jolly big (eg whales, Kraken etc) or the local gentlemen have some other (ahem) hobby. Where are Crockett and Tubs when you need them? Mind you, they were driving a Ferrari on a police salary so maybe everyone here does a bit of "fishing" - or is this a just case of life aping fiction?

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