Saturday, 30 June 2007

Granddaughter Amelie

I am so exited to be a grandad! Baby Amelie was born today to Melissa and Simon. 8lb 10 and half a metre tall (long?). She is 5 minutes old here and full of wonder. As you see she is beautiful. No more needs saying does it?

PS but why does grandad have one D in the middle where granddaughter has two?

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Anonymous said...

A brilliantly lovely shot, Stephen. Thanks for leading me down the rabbit path of your grandad journey. As for the one-D (vs. two-D's for granddaughter), the universe is full of mysteries! Cheers...and look forward to a proper chat one day soon. Best to your lovely granddaughter and family. Christian (proud dad of now 10-month old, Beckett, and author of the Beckett-to-Be blog -- until he takes it over in a few years).